Woodinville Wine Country

Project Overview

In my recent endeavors, I took part in a challenging yet rewarding project involving the transformation of WoodinvilleWineCountry.com, a platform dedicated to showcasing the unique wine culture of Woodinville, Washington. The initial website was built on Craft CMS, which, while being a flexible and reliable system, had its limitations that prevented the client from scaling the site as per their evolving needs. The client desired a more robust, user-friendly, and customizable CMS that could also offer enhanced SEO capabilities. The decision was to migrate the site to WordPress – a platform recognized for its versatility and wide range of plugins.

My Role

As a significant contributor to the project, I was entrusted with various responsibilities, chief among them being the content porting, designing a myriad of the site’s blocks and templates, and facilitating the seamless transition of distinct features including district maps, footer, and the offers/happenings slider block.

Content Porting

A vital part of the migration process was porting over all existing content to the new platform. It was crucial to ensure that all data – from blog posts, images, and user comments to essential metadata – was securely transferred without any loss. Given the extensive amount of content available on the site, this required a meticulous and well-organized approach. I successfully executed this, ensuring the seamless transition of the site’s valuable content to the new platform.

District Maps

Another noteworthy task I handled was the conversion of the district maps feature. The district maps play a crucial role in providing visitors with a visual layout of the Woodinville wine region, enhancing their browsing experience. I developed a custom WordPress template to recreate this feature, paying close attention to functionality and aesthetic appearance to maintain the original appeal while improving usability.

Footer Design

I also redesigned the website’s footer using the inherent flexibility that WordPress offers. The new footer was created to be fully responsive and includes quick links, contact information, and social media buttons, providing users with a user-friendly navigation experience.

Offers/Happenings Slider Block

The Offers/Happenings slider block is a vital component of WoodinvilleWineCountry.com. It highlights the latest happenings and offers from the wine community, making it an interactive and dynamic feature of the website. I developed a custom slider block on WordPress, using advanced custom fields and ensuring it was responsive and easy to update by the site administrators.


Migrating WoodinvilleWineCountry.com from Craft CMS to WordPress was a rewarding project. It allowed me to utilize and hone my skills in WordPress theme development, content management, and user experience design. This migration has amplified the website’s functionality and user experience, paving the way for an increased user base and improved visitor interactions. Overall, this project stands as a testament to my capability to tackle complex migrations while enhancing website aesthetics and usability.