World Wide Web, Happy Birthday

A birthday wish on the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web

Aug 2021 - Life, Web

Dear Tailwind, I love you.

As sappy as the title sounds, I am in love with Tailwind CSS. If you’re not familiar, it is a Read More

Mar 2021 - Programming, Web, Wordpress

Learning Illustrator

My first attempt at learning illustrator

May 2020 - Art

Back to Texas

We moved back to Texas!

Apr 2020 - Life

Learning Japanese – Resources

A list of resources I personally use to learn Japanese.

Jul 2019 - Book

My First Game Jam!

Read about my first game jam, done for the 2 Button Jam on in December 2018.

Jan 2019 - Game, Game Design, Programming

Learning Rust

Learning rust has been a great first step into a systems language.

Apr 2018 - Programming

SQLite and WordPress

A quick solution for local WordPress theme development.

Jan 2018 - Wordpress