Kuza Hair & Beauty

Check out the site here.

Kuza Hair & Beauty is an exciting new beauty brand in need of a new website to grab attention and make a splash in the beauty product scene. With distribution with major retailers across the country, their site needed to convey lots of practical information as well as show off the wide range of products. Vivid colors and fun photography are peppered throughout this site really grabbing the user’s attention.

Behind the scenes, I used Tailwind CSS for the first time on a major build to incredible effect. The project needed to be completed in only two weeks presenting a real challenge for crafting a fully custom website on such a tight deadline. Lots of elements were similar between pages, yet just different to make using a generic CSS class troublesome. With Tailwind, I could freely reuse components built and modify small utility classes to ensure the component worked in context, no similar custom classes or CSS tweaks were needed.

My workflow went to warp speed as I was able to leverage browser-sync to speed up my process. With VSCode on one screen and the site on another, no tabbing between stylesheet and code needed only quick and immediate feedback. I’ve even crafted a simple tailwind starter theme that anyone can clone and use on my GitHub that I’ll be using to quickly kick off future builds.

This site also used a liberal use of custom fields to create a sleek and efficient editing experience. My goal was to ensure anyone, regardless of technical experience, would be able to upload new products to the site.